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What is Direct Marketing?
Direct Marketing is addressing the fundamental desires of people, engaging those desires and offering, at least temporarily, the sensation of satisfying those desires while measuring each stage of the process, adjusting and improving accordingly.
An apt comparison is fresh water fishing. The media source you use is the lake or river where you fish. This is by far the most important decision. Good direct marketers are like savvy fisherman, they fish for one type of fish, at one time of year, in a specific lake or river. The bait is your creative and catching the fish is a combination of your landing page, sales team and CRM.
If you really have no idea what to do, watch where the other guys fish, what they use for bait, and how they cast their lines; it isn’t rocket science, but it can get a little expensive if you fish in the wrong lake with the wrong bait.
I once struck up a conversation with woman and when she told me she was a psychologist, I smiled and told her I was a direct marketer and that we did the same thing; we both changed people’s behaviors by manipulating the words they hear and speak to themselves. She got angry and said that she never wanted to manipulate people. I found that difficult to believe, who isn’t constantly trying to adjust the behavior of those around them? The only difference is that direct marketers openly admit to it as their profession and measure their success and failure.

What Can I Do for You?
With over 10 years of experience in the online marketing world, I can offer you Director level skills at mail room temp prices. Are you are on a beer budget but really want a "guru" to take your marketing to the next level? Look no further. I have worked as Online Marketing Manager for three companies in banking and financial education. I have been Director of Media Buying for a New York affiliate marketing agency as well as Product Manager for an ad-network.

I have also launched two DR sites of my own. I am one of the few marketers in the business that have worked for an ad-network, for an affiliate network AND on the other side as online marketing manager. You better get up real early if you want to fool me, I have bought and sold. I have hands on experience in all facets of online marketing.

CPM Buying
Media Planing
Affiliate Marketing
PPC campaigns
CPL and CPA buys

Do you need a media buyer or online marketing manager? I can give you Director level skills at a fraction of the cost you would pay to bring someone in full time. Let me use my know-how and contacts to improve your company's online conversions.

I am a "guru" in the financial education and publishing space, having launched Optionetics, Bettertrades, Russ Whitney and Spread Trade Systems into the world of online customer acquisition. Let me put my skills to work for you.

Please contact me at : Robert Bonomo

Experienced Team of Collaborators

This team of collaborators has already spent years working together. Need a Programmer? Designer? Someone to do your Paid Search? Need a Copy Writer? Need someone to write and publish a Press Release? Need someone to handle you CPM Display Buys and Email List Rentals? Do you need a person to do your CPL & CPA buys? Need a Landing Page designed and built? Do you need a Reporting System created? Do you need Creatives made?

We can do all of this and more, and with the cooperation and seamless communication of a team that has worked together for years.

Elena Welch – Graphic Design eWelchStudios

Jerry Kapron – Programming & Web Building

Vincent Colmar – Paid Search & Reporting Pelican Search

Robert Bonomo – Online Marketing and Media Buying Online Marketing and Media Buying

To bring on board full time a team of this caliber, you would spend over $50,000 a month in salaries and benefits, that is over $600,000 a year!

For a fraction of that, you can contract our services à la carte. No fees, no benefits, no retainers. You pay only for what you need, when you need it. Need a full service Marketing Department but you only want to pay for actual services provided? That’s us. We give you what you can’t buy, at a fraction of the cost of what you would spend if you tried to buy it. Because you can’t buy teamwork, chemistry, fluid communication and “guru” level thinking.

Four entrepreneurial professionals, experts in their fields, covering all the major areas of online marketing, from the first line of code to your banner ad on the, lets us take your marketing to the next level.

We can handle projects in English, Spanish, French and Polish.



Consultant to many of the biggest players in financial education and publishing, including Russ Whitney, BetterTrades, and Spread Trade Systems.

VENTURE DIRECT – New York City 2007-2008
Venture Direct is a full service direct marketing agency established in 1993, specializing in online lead generation. Venture also has a print, list services and list management division.

Director of Media Buying
Managed distribution for over 200 campaigns in 4 separate verticals, managing a budget of over 1.5 million dollars a month and a team of 7 persons.
·Closed a million dollar media buy with Liberty Tax for their online tax preparation campaign.
·Helped to close business and managed Russ Whitney’s Teach Me Trade and Rich Dad media buys.
·Played key role in closing over $300,000 in business for Ebony Magazine.

OPTIONETICS INC. - Redwood City, California 2005-2007
Optionetics Inc. is the holding company for a variety of financial education, software and seminar companies including Optionetics, Profit Strategies, FXTE, Safety in the Market and the trading software’s Platinum and Profit Source. The company operates in 11 countries.

Customer Acquisition Marketing Manager
Responsible for client acquisition for seminars and other financial education products. Developed the model and metrics and initiated the media buy which includes portals, emails, vertical financial sites, ad-networks, print ads in national media and direct mail lists. One direct report.
·Consistently reached over $1,000,000 dollars of new revenue on a monthly basis with a media spend below $300,000.
·Achieved an ROI of over 150% on direct marketing campaigns.
·Brokered the in house direct mail list.
·Spearheaded both national and geo-targeted campaigns to drive attendance to seminars on sites including, Zacks, The Street, Smart Money, Yahoo, The Fool and Kiplinger’s.
·Reached over 7% conversions on leads through creative and media optimization.
·Negotiated international CPA deals.
·Managed three outside creative groups developing all formats of Internet advertising as well as the creation of multiple landing pages.
·Researched and selected a firm for both natural and paid search.

BANCO SYGMA, Madrid, Spain 2003-2004
Banco Sygma is the Spanish affiliate of Cofinoga, the financial arm of the French department stores Galeries Lafayette. The bank markets personal and consumer loans.

Internet and Partnership Manager
In charge of launching the Internet as a channel for client acquisition for Banco Sygma. Created the model to project potential acquisition costs and measured the internal impacts of the project before launching the channel.
·Launched the bank on the Internet even before they had a web site. This channel increased production by 25% with an acquisition cost below that of other channels.

I-NETWORK S.A. (Antevenio) Madrid, Spain 1998-2003
I-Network is the leading online ad network in the Spanish speaking world. I-Network has an ad network, a permission email marketing division (CorreoDirect), and a lead generation network, (Centrocom).

Product Manager
Responsible for CorreoDirect, the permission e-mail marketing product of I-NETWORK. In charge of launching the product, signing co-registration contracts with web sites and the commercialization of the product. Four direct reports.
·Established CorreoDirect as the leading broker of on-line data bases in Spain, representing many leading data bases such as The Financial Times, The Economist,, i-españa (Vivendi), and
·Planned successful campaigns, CPM/CPA, for advertisers such as Land Rover, Mercedes, BBVA American Express and CEAC (largest Spanish direct marketer). Achieved goal of optimizing ROI and reaching conversion rates on leads of up to 10%.

Country Manager
General Manager of the on-line advertising network I-NETWORK in Argentina, the leading ad-network in the Spanish-speaking world

Sales Manager
Responsible for a five person sales team whose mission was to present the full range of I-NETWORK on-line advertising products to media buyers and advertisers in Spain.

1993 BOSTON UNIVERSITY, Boston, Massachusetts
MSM, Master of Science in Management

1990 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, Gainesville, Florida
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (History)


-English: Native
-Spanish: Bilingual
-Italian: Basic