Turn you Cost-Per-Click campaign into a Cost-Per-Lead campaign.

A CPC (Cost-per-Click) campaign is a campaign were you pay a price every time someone clicks on your link, be it a banner, email, text link etc. A Cost-per-Lead (CPL) campaign is where you pay every time someone successfully fills out your lead form.

Usually there is a cookie on the “Thank You” page that fires every time some arrives there. This is to give the advertiser an idea of what kind of traffic and creative is working. At the end of the month, depending on your contract, you remove the duplicates, and tell the advertiser or agency how many leads you received. There is usually a scrub rate that is decided on before you start. These are the amount of leads you are allowed to discard due to internal duplicates, or other reasons.

If one of the conversion events of your campaign is that a lead is filled out, than why not turn you CPC campaign into a CPL campaign. Media folks will not be happy about me spilling the beans, but if they are not selling large portions of traffic, and you have money to spend, maybe you can convince them to turn your CPC campaign into a CPL campaign.

Now, in defense of the publisher or Ad-Network, they may say, if the traffic doesn’t convert, it is your landing page that is the problem, and they may be right. Make sure the form is on the initial landing page, above the fold. Never ask for city and state if you are already asking for zip code. Do you really need physical address? Make sure you ask yourself these important questions, put analytics on the page, Google gives it away, and try to improve the conversion rate.

Nonetheless, in these difficult times, when ad sales are very much down, money is money. Maybe you can come to an agreement with the publisher or network. They may guarantee you a conversion rate. If your best month you converted 5% of unique visitors to leads, back in your cost per click, say it was $.80 a click. This would have a been $16 a lead. Maybe chisel down to $15, nicer number. These are just some of the ways I can help you with your online media buying and marketing needs. Please contact me for more information.

Robert Bonomo rfbonomo@yahoo.com