Do Co-Registration Leads Convert?

Yes, they do. No maybes. Co-Registration leads can be your highest ROI leads. There are several keys to making a co-registration campaign work, but first we will review exactly what is a co-registration lead and then discuss the best way to get them.

Co-Registration means what is says, as you are signing up for on thing, for example, for an online newspaper, you are asked to sign up for another thing. The advantage to co-reg is that you only have to give your data once. I began doing co-reg around 2000, when I worked for a Spanish company that was copying the Yesmail email model. Folks signed up for the NY Times online, and once they finished, Yesmail asked them if they would like to receive partner offers. Opt-in email is another form of co-reg. Chances are you wouldn’t sign up for partner offers from Yesmail, but since you have already given your email to the NY Times, and the NYT seems pretty legit, why not receive some extra offers.

Remember, co-registration has one big advantage, it is much cheaper than acquiring a full lead, filled out expressly for you offer. Why can co-reg be so valuable? Because if you know where your customers are, it is the best form of lead acquisition. I will give you a real example. I worked for customer A, he wanted options traders. I find website B that was all about options trading. They had co-reg leads. Now website B was an ugly site, lots of content and adds, all regarding options trading. No Verizon adds, no banners. This is very important. Look for your competitors, and targeted ads. I saw all of the competition on site B. I bought the leads for around $5 a lead, and each lead generated over $100 of revenue a year. With margins over 50%, that was a campaign with an ROI of 500%.

Why did it work? I bought directly from the source and I only got leads from website B. No network or affiliate agency mixing in garbage. I knew exactly what I was getting. I was buying high end, quality co-reg.

This is a good example of a trading site, with a co-reg offer at the end The offers are tailored to each result, FREE TRADING QUIZ

On the other end of the spectrum are the very low end, broad, inexpensive co-reg deals that are practically the same as buying raw data. You get name and email, for a little more phone number, but always well under $.50. The problem here is you never know where they come from or if they are incentived or not. These leads work well when they are posted live to a call center, so the person gets a phone call within seconds of having submitted the lead.

Everything has its usefulness and value, but at a price. I made money on .50$ Value Click leads, as well as on $10 IBD leads. There is value in co-reg, but you must know what you are buying, and preferably, know the source through other campaigns.